2020 goes 2021

Dear “Hollywood in Vienna” fans!

As in previous years, we have been eagerly looking forward to celebrating “Hollywood in Vienna” with you this coming October. Our film music festival has always been a project of passion for everyone involved. The aim is to create a concert experience that leaves a long-lasting, positive impression on us all. Year after year, we have overcome several hurdles to achieve this aim.

The year 2020, however, presents a completely new, previously inconceivable challenge due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Several of our partners are economically affected by the measures adopted to protect our health. The planning and implementation of an international festival event, involving extensive travel by artists and audiences from numerous countries, is not possible – or severely restricted at least – in the current environment. Furthermore, “Hollywood in Vienna” is intended to be a carefree, positive concert experience, from which we do not want to exclude risk groups or those affected by travel restrictions.

With a heavy heart we have therefore decided to postpone the concerts scheduled for this year to September 2021.

Your tickets for the original dates remain valid and do not need to be exchanged.

In the meantime, we will team up with Alan Menken to work on a truly enchanting show that will make you forget the adversities of our time.

We wish you all excellent health and plenty of strength to overcome the crisis. We are already looking forward to the collaborative concerts in September 2021.

Yours truly,

Sandra Tomek, Christian Pöttler, Michael Balgavy, the entire “Hollywood in Vienna” team, and all cooperation partners


I have tickets for the concert on
2 October 2020 - when will the event take place?
The concert will take place on 23 September 2021.

I have tickets for the gala concert on
3 October 2020 - when will the event take place?
The gala concert will take place on 24 September 2021.

Do my tickets remain valid for the new dates?

Will I have the same seats in 2021 that I chose for 2020?

Will the program be the same?
Yes, the same program is planned.

Will the award winner be the same?
Yes, the same award winner is planned.