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This year the »International Film Music Symposium Vienna« is happy to be back with numerous prestigious guests, who will give multimedia lectures and/or workshops and will participate in roundtable discussions.
Amongst other guests, Oscar and Grammy winner James Newton Howard (composer of i.a. »Pretty Woman«, »The Dark Knight«, »The Sixth Sense« and »The Hunger Games«), composer Richard Bellis (Stephen Kings »IT«, head of the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshops LA), the owner of the largest agency for film composers in LA, Sam Schwartz, and the film music PR specialist Chandler Poling will illustrate their work, talk about their experiences in the film music business and will answer questions from the audience.

Further guests:

Christoph Becher (Director of the ORF RSO)
Paul Hertel (composer, conductor and music producer)
Alexander Kukelka (composer, President “Austrian Composers’ Association) 
Dimitrie Leivici (teacher and mentor “ Hollywood Music Workshop”)
Thomas Mikusz (actor and host)
Werner Müller (GM »Film and Music Austria (FAMA)«)
Conrad Pope (Hollywood film composer and orchestrator)
Dennis Sands (US sound engineer, Grammy- and Emmy winner)
Marijana Stoisits  (GM »Vienna Film Commission«)
Roland Teichmann (Director »Austrian Film Institute«)
Herbert Tucmandl (GM »Vienna Symphonic Library«)

Vienna - the new capital of film music?

Vienna is about to become an important location for film music.  The FIMU Symposium is happy to have contributed to setting new impulses.
Over the last few years film music orchestras were established, which are now available for national and international sound track recordings for film and media. Furthermore, The Vienna Symphonic Library has begun to expand the recording stage at Vienna's Rosenhügel as an international production facility for film music recordings.
These developments will be presented at the symposium and discussed by Austrian and international experts from the film and music industry.  

Date/ Time

13th of October, 2015
09:00 a.m. – ca. 07:00 p.m.

14th of October, 2015

Workshop James Newton Howard
09:00 a.m. – ca. 12:00 p.m.

Workshop Richard Bellis
01:30 p.m.  – ca. 04:30 p.m.


University for Music and Performing Arts
Joseph Haydn Saal
Anton-von-Webern Platz 1
1030 Vienna



Registration until 30th of September, 2015 (date of bank receipt)
€ 18 students
€ 22 standard

On site registration
08:00 – 8:15 a.m.
€ 20 students
€ 25 standard

There is a maximum number of 200 visitors for the symposium allowed. Therefore, we recommend registering for the symposium in advance in order to secure your seat.An on-site registration for the symposium is possible, but we cannot guarantee that there will still be places available.


You can now register for the corresponding workshops until 30th of September, 2015.
To each workshop a maximum number of 30 participants will be approved.
If the maximum number of participants is reached even before 30th of September, the workshop will be closed. Therefore we recommend registering for the workshops as soon as possible.

Who can attend: music students or music professionals (composition, conducting, instruments, etc.). 

Workshop James Newton Howard

This workshop offers you the unique possibility to learn from one of Hollywood’s foremost star composers, James Newton Howard. He will share his experience in film scoring with you and will provide you with invaluable insights into the film music industry.

Standard Prices
Registration until 30th of September 2015 (date of bank receipt)
€ 150 students
€ 200 standard

Workshop Richard Bellis

This workshop offers you to work with the head of the prestigious ASCAP workshop, Richard Bellis.
He will focus on skill sets of film and TV composing, that are not available by a software manufacturer, the creative process behind scoring, the question of sonic competition, as well as efficiency and meeting deadlines.

Standard Prices
Registration until 30th of September 2015 (date of bank receipt)
€  80 students
€ 100 standard


Dr. Sandra Tomek
Fanny Jacobson, MAS
Mag. Georg Vlaschits
Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerold Gruber

An event of the »Vereins Music for Media - Verein zur Förderung der Film- und Medienmusik in Österreich« in cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna .

If you have any questions, please contact Fanny Jacobson: registration@fimuvienna.com 

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